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You and your loved ones don't want to do without freshly cooked food every day and still have healthy food on the table? But you neither have the time nor the desire to stand in the kitchen all the time!

If you are now wondering how to do this, here are some tips for you;).

The vacuuming

enables fruit, vegetables, fish and meat to be preserved safely, easily, longer and more sustainably on a larger scale - e.g. from your own garden, from hunting and fishing or from the last offer from the supermarket.

With the Sous-Vide cookshop

you get the upscale star cuisine in your home. From now on you will always hit the desired cooking point for meat, fish and vegetables, so your favorite dishes are even tastier.

The gentle pre-cooking

makes healthy eating possible during the week, so no vitamins, etc. are lost. Many dishes can be pre-cooked, frozen in portions and then consumed in the same way.

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